The collection has been made for the Worshipful Company of Horners with the support of the Grant in Jewellery, Fashion and Decorative Items.

The aim of the collection is to show the potential of horn as a versatile material that is underestimated in the current crafts culture. Its sustainability and low cost make it particularly valuable when many other materials might be sourced unethically.

The collection illustrates versatility of horn, its unique properties such as durability, hardness and lightness at the same time. Moreover, horn properties lead to innovative approach to construction of large statement pieces as it is light but robust to be worn providing the right setting.

Woodland Chalice

The main item is a chalice where the bowl and the stem are made of horn, whereas the branch and base are forged in silver. The forged shapes are natural looking branches holding the bowl, their organic shapes representing horn’s natural origin. The stones are semi-precious of vivid colours peridots, garnet and pearls adding value to the image. Cast bee and fly complete the woodland picture.

Beauty in Black Necklace

The necklace is made of black buffalo horn and amber. The idea is to show that horn can be used as a sophisticated background in the large items without adding the weight. The polished surface provides excellent background and makes amber to shine.

Swallow’s flight Pendant

Materials are horn and opals. The natural horn pattern is used as the main subject of the design.

Forest Berries Earring and Ring

Red garnets are used to highlight the pattern and the natural colour of the horn discs.